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The International Journal of Illich Studies (ISSN 1948-4666)

Volume 3, Number 2 (2013)

International Journal of Illich Studies Vol 3, No 2 (2013)

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Table of Contents




Dana Stuchul – pg. 1

Stari otac, moy brat

Gene Bazan – pp. 2-5

Deschooling Twenty-First Century Education

Roger C. Shouse – pp. 6-16

Ivan Illich: Theories of Poverty And The Politics of Agency

Lakshman Yapa – pp. 17-36

De-Linking Peace and Globalization

Sajay Samuel - pp. 37-44

A Flame In the Dark

Samar Farage – pp. 45-51


Documents, Letters, and Other Materials

Commemorating Ivan Illich: A Roundtable of the Paulo Freire Institute, UCLA
with Drs. Carlos Alberto Torres, Douglas Kellner, and Peter McLaren (2003)

Video (Part 1)
Video (Part 2)
Transcription – pp. 52-69


Illich Beyond Illich: Convivial Tools for Illichean Readings
A Rejoinder to UCLA’s 2003 Roundtable on Illich

Engin Atasay and Gregory N. Bourassa - pp. 70-74