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The International Journal of Illich Studies (ISSN 1948-4666)

Editorial Board


Michael Hayes, Ph.D.

Former Editor

Clayton Pierce, Ph.D. (Vols. 1 & 2)


Richard Kahn, Ph.D.

Editorial Board

Gustavo Esteva
David A. Gabbard, Ph.D.
David Greenwood, Ph.D.
Daniel Grego, Ph.D.
Matt Hern
Jeremy Hunsinger, Ph.D.
Kristin Dillman Jones, Ph.D.
Richard Kahn, Ph.D.
Martina Kaller-Dietrich, Ph.D.
Douglas Kellner, Ph.D.
Maylan Dunn-Kenney, Ph.D.
Tyson Lewis, Ph.D.
Carl Mitcham, Ph.D.
Michael Peters, Ph.D.
Clayton Pierce, Ph.D.
Madhu Suri Prakash, Ph.D.
Barry Sanders, Ph.D.
Joel Spring, Ph.D.
Dana Stuchul, Ph.D.
Carlos Alberto Torres, Ph.D.
Leonard Waks, Ph.D.
Dilafruz Williams, Ph.D.

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